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Oral History

oral-reportHave you ever thought "I should have that on record"?  So often we look back and wish we had captured that moment or that conversation.  Even simply to recall accents, phrases and the way people spoke we cherish in years to come.  

For people interested in family histories, we appreciate the knowledge and information held by our ancestors.  So much of our history is passed down from one generation to another through stories and discussions.  We may recall talks with our grandparents about their migration to Australia, or stories about how they established a business in outback Queensland or simply tales of their school years.  

Sometimes we want to know - why.  Why does grandma always wear that brooch?  Why did my great grandparents choose their profession?  Oral histories can record the memories and reflections of individuals or groups of people.  These recordings create the character and warmth of individuals which adds to the dynamics of a family history.

Charlton Solutions offers family history interviews.  We spend some time with you or your family initially to understand what information is important to capture.   The skill of the interviewer is to build the agreed theme through appropriate questions but also allow the narrator (or interviewee) to expand their memories and provide great insight into their earlier years.  This is done in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

The digital recording is saved onto a compact disc (CD) for a wider audience.  The audio recording can also be complemented to pictures to create a timeless DVD.

Gift certificates are also available.  This is an ideal gift to give your parents or grandparents, aunt or neighbour - a gift that you will cherish for years to come.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity for a family history interview with Charlton Solutions, please make contact today and we can outline how we can provide you with this unique recording.

Charlton Solutions also offers oral histories for businesses and organisations who would like to capture important and historical aspects of their operations. 

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Management Consulting

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides a range of management solutions for corporations, government and individual clients.

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Genealogy Services

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive genealogy research and reporting to meet the client's individual family history needs.

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Genealogy Record "Look Up"

Charlton Solutions now offers "look ups" for fellow researchers at The QLD State Library,  QLD State Archives and the QLD Family History Society

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