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Last Friday of the month

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First Thursday of the month

QLD Family History Society visits
Second Wednesday of the month

Welcome To Charlton Solutions


CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides management consulting solutions.


CHARLTON SOLUTIONS is a management consulting business, offering business coaching; professional development and a variety of learning solutions; organisational development to build and improve performance; project management and quality assurance solutions. The business consultancy focuses on management solutions and providing business advice to corporate, government and non-government organisations. Healthcare consultancies provide for a range of business and management solutions to the acute, community and aged care environments.

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides family history research.


CHARLTON SOLUTIONS is a Brisbane based genealogy research business. Exploring people's family trees and family history, encompassing Australian and international research, with a particular focus on English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh ancestory. CHARLTON SOLUTIONS delves into the ancestors from your past. Births, marriages and deaths are discovered through genealogy research, with the end result a series of reports including pedigree charts. Tracing your family tree brings to life the pasts of your ancestors both in Australia and beyond.



Our mission is to provide excellence in consultancy services, responsive to the unique requirements of our clients.

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Management Consulting

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides a range of management solutions for corporations, government and individual clients.

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Genealogy Services

CHARLTON SOLUTIONS provides comprehensive genealogy research and reporting to meet the client's individual family history needs.

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Genealogy Record "Look Up"

Charlton Solutions now offers "look ups" for fellow researchers at The QLD State Library,  QLD State Archives and the QLD Family History Society

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